Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Create/Delete/View Virtual Directory or Website in IIS using C#

     Hi, in my previous atrlicle I show how to create virtual directory. Here I have attched the code for creating , deleteing or listing virtual directories or website in IIS using ASP.NET and C#. 

    Code uses DirectoryService name space which allows access to Internet Information Services (IIS). The System.DirectoryServices namespace also provides access to the Active Directory. The classes in this namespace can be used with any of the Active Directory service providers including Internet Information Services (IIS), the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), the Novell Directory Services in NetWare (NDS), and WinNT.

   Following softeares are required for this project to run successfully.

   * IIS 5.1 or later version
   * Dotnet SDK 2.0
   * Admin access to server on which IIS in installed

     You can download the Source Code  here. Once you download the file pls change the extension from “doc” to “zip”.    

        Sorry for uploading the code this way. I do not found any option to upload zip file. :)

Happy Programming !!

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The source code doesn't exist anymore.
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