Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Add items in Drop Down List or List Box using Javascript

        I have seen lots of questions in diffrent forums for adding items in drop down list or list box using javascript. Below is the script for the same.


<script type="text/javascript">
function AddItem(Text,Value)
// Create Option object
var opt = document.createElement("option");

// Add Option to Dropdown/Listbox

// Assign text and value to option
opt.text = Text;
opt.value = Value;

<script />
        You can use this function in for loop and add more than one Items.
Happy Programming !!


Shailesh said...

I had the same problem before couple of months. I had tried the same. But I wanted to know that during the postback newly added item still be there in dropdownlist or not ?

R.Madhava said...

its not working in mozilla firefox.