Monday, June 04, 2007

Create Virtual Directory in IIS using C#

            In my recent project I need to create virtual directory in IIS programmatically.  I was searching on net and found a really good article posted by Dipali Choksi. You can find the artilce here. I have copied that article below for my reference.


Using System.DirectoryServices;
void btnCreateDirectory_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
          string strSchema = "IIsWebVirtualDir";
          string strRootSubPath = "/W3SVC/1/Root" ;

           // you can specify any server name , "localhost" is for example
           DirectoryEntry deRoot =
                        new DirectoryEntry("IIS://" + "localhost" + strRootSubPath);
                 DirectoryEntry deNewVDir =
                                    deRoot.Children.Add("Name of Virtual Directory", strSchema);

                 deNewVDir.Properties["Path"].Insert(0, "Path for Virtual Directory");

                // Create a Application
                if (strSchema == "IIsWebVirtualDir")
                           deNewVDir.Invoke("AppCreate", true);
                // Save Changes
                lblResult.Text = "Virtual Directory "
                                   + ("Name of Virtual Directory"+ "(" + "Path for Virtual
" + ") has  been created";
      catch (Exception ex)
                lblResult.Text = ex.Message;

Fig (1) Code to create virtual directory using C#


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