Thursday, August 16, 2007

Viewpoint content is not displayed OR Mime type for Viewpoint content

        We are using Viewpoint 3-D content in our LMS (Learning Management System). The content is working fine in my local machine. However when I uploaded the LMS on deployment server the contect stopped working. The content loads perfectly. User can listen the sound and can change the step and steps, however 3-D content is not visible. After doing dome google search I found about Mime type settings in IIS. Viewpoint content requires Mime type added in IIS. Once I added required Mime type content it start working.

        Viewpoint require ".mts", ".mtx", ".mtz" and ".mzv" mime types. You have to add these mime types in IIS to make viewpoint content working. You can add Mime type by,

        1. Click on Start Menu
        2. Select Run.
        3. Type inetmgr and press enter.
        4. Select perticular Website or Virtual directory to add mime
            type for that website/Virtual directory. If you want to
            add for all the sites select Default Website and click on
        5. Click on HTTP Headers and select Mime type.
        6. In the Extension field, type .mts.
        7. In the Content Type field, type application/metastream, 
           and then click OK.
        8. Repeat for .mtx, .mtz, and .mzv files.

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